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Nigel’s future goes to waste but it’s the Wright move!

After being unemployed for 19 years, Nigel Wright was on the brink of financial ruin, but with help from esg. and his eagerness to find a job, it wasn’t long before we trashed his run of bad luck for good.

Nigel had struggled with serious money problems, and when the debt began to affect his personal life his marriage began to break down. With no one to turn to for help, he turned to alcohol for comfort. And when he eventually lost his job in 1992, his self-esteem was at an all time low. He was convinced that no employer would even consider interviewing him, let along offer him a job.

For almost 20 years Nigel remained on benefits and he’d lost all hope of ever being back in work. A few months ago his Jobcentre Plus adviser referred him to employment and skills specialists esg. (Employment and Skills Group) for support, where he quickly secured a full-time job with Bywaters, a large recycling and waste management company in East London.

The first step of esg.’s advisers at their Romford centre was to first create an action plan with Nigel, mapping out the activities and actions needed to ensure that he progressed towards employment. They spent time with him to identify the barriers that were stopping him from moving into work and to help him develop skills and strengths to overcome them. Before coming to esg. Nigel believed his problems were impossible to conquer, but his advisers gave him the motivation to rise above these feelings. And in no time, they’d found work experience placements with suitable employers, so he could put what he’d learnt into practice.

In addition to this, the team at esg. worked with Nigel to sort out his financial issues and supported him to rejoin Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

Within weeks, Nigel was ready to start a work trial with an employer as a driver’s mate, which added structure to his day-to-day activities as well as giving him new skills. The feedback from the employer was positive – a massive boost to Nigel’s confidence.

He attended a further work trial, towards the end of his programme, where he was promptly offered the job. But his journey with esg. didn’t stop there, His advisers continued to work with him to sort out his financial problems ensuring that he could focus on keeping his job and making it last.

Speaking about his new role and his new future, Nigel said: “esg. really helped me as I didn’t think I was even able to get a job. I am really happy now and much more content with my life back on track. I am really grateful to everyone in the esg. team at Romford”

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